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Liquid Yoga


Liquid Yoga


Branding Design,3D CGI,Packaging Design




13th February 2018

Liquid Yoga is a startup that aims to enter the U.S. market with its RTD brand in the tea section. Consumers will find the taste profile to be authentic and well synced with healthy living whilst providing a rejuvenating experience.


1. Tea covers a vast share of the non-alcoholic beverage market, and RTD is the rising star within the segment. 
2. Already existing large market share amidst the non-alcoholic beverage sector
3. Introduce a fresh product to intervene in the area of tea-based - RTDs. 
4. Targeted consumers will be 
a. Consumers who believe in a ready-to-go lifestyle along with staying healthy and fit.
b. Holistic 
c. On-the-go
d. Rejuvenating, fit and healthy 
e. Urban 
f. Conscious
5. Enter the US market catering to the Upper and Middle segment


The brand would portray itself as a replacement for a morning power-yoga session imbibing the psychological ad physiological aspects. This would not only provide an experience of instant freshness but would also leave a trail of long-term controlled and calm alertness.
Using the posture of ‘Kamlasan’ (a posture to enlighten the chakras of the body), combined with free flow art and a calligraphic approach; the logo took the form of the letter ‘L’ and ‘Yoga’ together.
Packaging designs were approached with breathing space, to provide a sense of freedom and self-actualization while the colours helped to ‘Nurture and Inspire’ the consumers.