Sona Foods


Sona Foods


Branding Design,Packaging Design


Sanskar, Rishi, Surbhit


26th May 2020

Founded in 2016, Sona Food Product envisages manufacturing pesticide and chemical-free, premium quality rice flakes (Poha) for every Indian household with an objective of ‘Better Health; Better World’.



1. Poha or flattened rice is a staple of every Indian household. 
2. Easy access to loose form Poha available in grocery stores.
3. Presence of prominent FMCG players offering a similar product with sufficient branding spends
4. Design and define the Identity & Branding bearing the following keywords for the Bhatapara, Chattisgarh market;
a. Pure
b. Positive
c. Natural


Understanding that Indians consider ‘Dhaan’ (rice and wheat strands) to be pure as it is used in many holy rituals; we merged multiple aspects encasing the brief. 
The logo was designed keeping the Jain Philosophy in mind - Ahimsa parmo dharma & the colours are inspired by the main ingredients of rice flake.

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