Awadh Hospital


Awadh Hospital, India


Branding Design


Surbhit, Sanskar, Rishi


9th July 2022

Awadh Hospital and Shobha Maternity Centre is a prevalent name in Hardoi region of Uttar Pradesh and is been considered amidst the top ten maternity home.


Revamp the logo and brand approach with the current re-development of their infrastructure and services; establishing a change in perception from a holistic point of view.
1. Create a modern yet emotionally connected logo
2. Include the Maternity and motherhood aspect in the branding
3. Keep the medical industry characteristic through colours and symbols in the output


Describing the beauty of a child giving birth to a mother took shape in the womb of the letter ‘a’ while adding the medical advantage of it within the pneumonic. The colours blue and orange became definitive of the industry and were spread across all possible mediums of the hospital.

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